Rettew Family |Orlando Family Session

Rettew Family| Orlando Family Session | Whitney Erin Photography

Have you ever met someone and instantly knew you would be friends? That’s Sivan and Craig. They are the friendliest…and two of the smartest people we know. Sivan (along with love and support from Craig) Β is owner and photographer of Sivan Photography, Lovely in Lace by Sivan Photography and Studio Adorn. Need less to say, they’re a busy family! Bare with me guys, this will be a little longer of a blog.

Sivan has been my mentor, my boss, my teacher and one of my very closest friends. We also share a bond through the struggles of infertility. Many talks and tears have been experienced over the years together over unsuccessful months of dealing with such a heartache. It broke my heart to watch my friend try and try to have a family and every time they learned that it still wasn’t their time…oh how my heart hurt for them.

So I prayed. I never stopped praying for them and one day Sivan let me in on their secret that they were expecting. I think I squealed so loud I scared everyone around me. I was beyond excited for them. They were finally going to be parents to a little boy named Landon. πŸ™‚ He is literally a copy and paste of Craig but with sprinkles of Sivan and holy cow is he smart. Such a charming little guy and he is so lucky to have these two as his mom and dad.

We were home for our Christmas break and Sivan asked if I could take their photos. Can I just say, her talent has always amazed me. She taught me (and still does) so much. So, to have someone like her ask you to take their photos it’s just the most amazing feeling in the world. I’ll stop typing now and just let their adorable family session show how absolutely beautiful this family is. πŸ™‚


Mia and Aaron | Deployment Homecoming Session

Mia and Aaron | Deployment Homecoming Session | Fort Campbell Kentucky Photographer | Whitney Erin Photography

Today I want to reminisce about a session I did over a year ago. This session, to date, has been one of my absolute favorites and one that means a lot to me.

Mia found me on Instagram and was in need of a photographer to capture her boyfriend’s deployment homecoming. How could I say no?? I had been wanting to do a homecoming session for as long as I could remember! So, we met at Starbucks to chat and get to know one another. She hired me right after that!

Little did I know she would become one of my closest friends. Mia is literally one of my rocks here in Clarksville. She’s the kindest, most level headed person I know and when I say she’s the most honest person…I mean it. She’s the person you count on to tell you the truth…even if it’s not what you want to hear. She’s the friend you can always count on, even if she’s miles away. Oh, and Aaron, one of the quietest people I’ve ever met but, he’s literally her other half and just as sweet as Mia. They are perfect for each other!

They’ve been through more than the average couple. Literally living apart from each other for most of their relationship. That is, until Aaron returned. This was the first time they’d be together for longer than just a short visit since Aaron joined the Army. I think their excitement and pure joy shows in these photos.


This last photo is my favorite. I went back to the stands to give Mia and Aaron a moment alone. Once I got back to our seats, I turned around and saw that they were literally in their own world out there. ❀ ❀ So, of course, I captured the moment. πŸ˜€

Mia, has her own blog– Simply Charette. You should definitely check it out!