Shelnutt Family | Maternity Session

Shelnutt Family | Maternity Session | Tennessee Family Photographer | Whitney Erin Photography

So, as you guys know, we are an Army family. When my husband was in BCT (“Basic Training”) I joined a facebook group for the post (base) he was at. Little did I know I’d meet a couple women in there who’s husbands would be stationed where we eventually were stationed.

Andrea and I found each other in that group and would help each other through the long weeks of not hearing from our husbands. We had a lot in common and became fast friends and our husbands have become best buds as well. ❤ It makes my heart so full to have these two here with us and to watch their family grow is even more special. BabyBoy Owen is very much loved and I have to say is one lucky ‘lil dude to have these two as parents!

We took these photos right before Christmas (yeah…I’m a bit behind on my blogging) and it was seriously the perfect lighting and setting for their maternity session. Thank to Hope Christmas Trees Farm for letting us use your land for this session!