Tiffany and Jake | Kentucky Wedding

Tiffany and Jake | Kentucky Wedding | Kentucky Wedding Photographer | Whitney Erin Photography

Tiffany and Jake had their gorgeous wedding at Burdoc Farms in Kentucky. Can I just say, this venue is to die for!! The floor to ceiling windows are exquisite and the surrounding land is just amazing. Have I mentioned lately how much I love my southern weddings?? 😉

Tiffany and Jake are the two most laid back people I have ever met. I unfortunately, got super sick when we were scheduled to take their engagement photos and could not be there but, thankfully a friend was able to help me out. Tiffany was completely understanding and so sweet about it all.

The day of her wedding was no different. She was smiling ear to ear when I arrived and I could tell she was ready to see her groom! There was just a calmness about the whole day that I can’t describe and absolutely loved because it made the whole day go so smoothly. Both Tiffany and Jake have the sweetest families and everyone was beyond excited for them. I absolutely loved capturing every smile, tear and laugh the whole day.

Here’s just a few photos of their amazing day…



Venue: Burdoc Farms

Photography: Whitney Erin Photography

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